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Sequim School District

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“Inspire and Achieve


503 North Sequim Avenue, Sequim, WA 98382

Telephone: (360) 582-3260, FAX: (360) 683-6303, www.sequim.k12.wa.us


Monday January 4, 2016 – 6 PM Regular Board Meeting


President Horan called the Regular Meeting to order at 6:00pm with all Board Members and

Student Board Representatives present.  Student Representative Kaylee Gumm led the Pledge of Allegiance


PRESENT – A sign-in sheet was provided and those who wished to sign in are listed below:

Bev Horan, President                                             Tom Kelly

Robin Henrikson, Vice-President                            Kim Rosales

Michael Howe, Director                                          Shenna Younger

Jim Stoffer, Director                                                Laura MacMurchie, Parent SMS

Heather Short, Director                                           Colleen Robinson, Citizens for Sequim Schools

Ben Hughes, Student Board Representative          Molly McAleer, Parent SMS

Kaylee Gumm, Student Board Representative      Joan Richie, Citizen


Gary Neal, Superintendent

Trayce Norman, Secretary



Vice-President Henrikson moved to approve the minutes form the December 21, 2015 Regular Board Meeting as presented. Director Stoffer seconded. Vote take; motion carried.



President Horan moved to remove Public Comments a. Sequim Education Foundation grant awards and add January 19, 2016 5:30-5:55 FFA workshop to present Roberts Rules under Old Business. Director Stoffer moved to approve the changes. Director Short seconded. Vote taken; motion carried.


·         Director Stoffer shared that thirty people attended a recent school tour. This group has a lot of new folks, many who have moved to Sequim in less than five years. Brian Lewis and Patsene Dashiell facilitated the tour. The majority of the people found the information by the invitation in the newspaper.

·         Director Stoffer will attend a meeting Wednesday where OMC will discuss approving a bond resolution in support of the Sequim School District.

·         Director Stoffer, President Horan, Brian Lewis, Superintendent Neal will facilitate a coffee chat this Saturday, January 9, 2016 at 3pm in the Diamond Point clubhouse.      



·         Student Board Representative Kaylee Gumm reported that Helen Haller will be providing professional development about social and emotional issues and students will begin MAP and block assessments.

·         Student Board Representative Ben Hughes reported that the middle school is gearing up for their next minute to win it assembly. At SHS MLK will be discussed in den classes. On 1/25 leadership student will present and assist at Sequim Leadership.


PUBLIC COMMENTS - This time is set aside for receiving both written and oral communication from those in attendance who wish to speak on any item.  (Ref. Policy 1430, 4220 and 4220P)  The board thanks you for your comments and will take into consideration what you have shared when making decisions regarding this topic.

·            Kim Rosales, parent and member of Sequim Family Advocates, asked the board to make a call or meet with Shoona Riggs as their group has not been successful in fulfilling the goal of acquiring or establishing possession of the old ballot box that will be removed from the JC Penny parking lot soon in hopes to provide an additional ballot box for voters. Potential locations were discussed. Director Stoffer agreed to meet with Shoona Riggs.

·            Jodi Minker, parent and member of Citizen for Sequim Schools encouraged folks who have moved to go online by January 11, 2016 and update your address. http://www.sos.wa.gov/elections/voters/ to make sure you will receive a ballot.

·            Colleen Robinson, parent and member of Citizen for Sequim Schools reported that the group has an updated events page on Facebook, #passthebond that students have been contributing photos to. Citizens for Sequim Schools is the luncheon sponsor for the Sequim Chamber of Congress on January 27th, 2016. Students will speak briefly to the members. A calendar of upcoming events will be released at the end of this week.

·            Laura MacMurchie, parent asked that the board approve Policy #2195 – Academic Acceleration. Laura distributed information her family prepared.

·            Joan Ritchie, grandparent and longtime community member reported that she believes our school is not making academic progress. Joan distributed examples of curriculum to the board. President Horan offered to accompany Joan on a classroom visit to view the academic progress Sequim has and is continuing to make.


CONSENT AGENDA – REQUEST BOARD APPROVAL:  Any item may be moved to New Business with a motion from any Board member.

a.    General Fund Vouchers No. 185127 thru No. 185194 in the total amount of $109,174.87

b.    Capital Projects Vouchers No. 2593 thru No. 2594 in the total amount of $10,608.22.

c.     Payroll for the month of December, 2015 in the total amount of $2,026,561.04.

d.    Personnel - Employment with the District will be conditional upon the district’s receipt of a criminal conviction history record that is clear of any convictions, adjudications, protective orders, final decisions, or criminal charges in accordance with Washington State law and conditional upon receipt of a sexual Misconduct Disclosure Form from prior Washington State employer(s), where employment was in a school setting, indicating that no sexual, verbal or physical misconduct materials were found in the records of such employer(s) pursuant to RCW 28A.400 and WAC 180-87-080.

1) None for this agenda 

Vice-President Henrikson moved to approve the Consent Agenda items “a” thru “d” as presented. Director Short seconded. Vote taken; motion carried.


a.    Director Howe moved to approve Policy #0100 – Commitment to Planning. Director Stoffer seconded. Vote taken; motion carried.

b.    Vice-President Henrikson moved to approve Policy #2020 – Curriculum Development and Adoption of Instructional Materials. Director Heather Short seconded. Vote taken; motion carried.

c.     The board will table NEW Policy #2195 – Academic Acceleration until next meeting.  Discussion followed.  Vice-President Henrikson will ‘word-smith” the policy reflecting her concerns, share with board members and forward to Superintendent Neal to review with Assistant Superintendent Renker before the next meeting. Assistant Superintendent Renker provided clarification regarding this policy and Principal Langston offered support of this policy. Sequim School District will not be eligible to receive state grant funding for dual credit expansion until the policy is adopted.

d.    Director Stoffer moved to schedule the January 19, 2016 workshop presented by FFA on Roberts Rules of Order from 5:30pm-5:55pm. Vice-President Henrikson seconded. Vote taken; motion carried.



Executive Director Lewis presented and reviewed with the Board a draft copy of the RFQ (Request for Quote) for the purpose of hiring a Building Project Manager.  If the bond passes, he will be bringing to them for approval and will be sharing this information with the public.  Discussion followed.   


  • Brian Lewis, Executive Director of Business and Operations Services, presented an update on the fence the board approved at a previous meeting. Staff are very happy with the outcome of the fence in regards to student safety and efficiency of student daily transitions.
  • Dr. Ann Renker, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, commended Greywolf Elementary for receiving national recognition from OSPI for a video that will be posted soon on the Indistar website on their schools implementation of the Indistar program. Dr. Renker also offered to research the spotlight feature in Indistar to assist with Board members viewing ease of school plans.
  • Vince Riccobene, Sequim Middle School Principal, and Rhonda Kromm, Vice Principal, gave an overview of the Sequim Middle School Improvement Plan in Indistar. Discussion followed.
  • Shawn Langston, Sequim High School Principal, gave an overview of the Sequim High School Improvement Plan in Indistar. Discussion followed.
  • Superintendent Neal thanked Principal Langston, Principal Riccobene and Vice-Principal Kromm for their passion and positivity with their efforts and presentations. Superintendent Neal commended the Administrators for jumping willingly into Indistar.
  • Superintendent Neal will be meeting with CTE Director Steve Mahitka, Dr. Renker and Principal Langston in regards to a STEM equivalency credit.
  • On January 11, 2016 the Sequim City Council is talking about adopting a resolution in support of the school bond.  The meeting starts at 6pm.
  • Superintendent Neal will be attending a dinner at the Bremerton OESD with Director Short and Vice-President Henrikson.  They hope to be back in time to attend the City Council meeting.
  • Superintendent Neal is working with Dr. Renker to create a STEM registry to take advantage of potential our local mentors who have expressed interest in working with the school district.


President Horan drew board members’ attention to:

a.   Upcoming Board Meetings, etc.

o   January 18 – Regular Board Meeting  Moved to January 19 due to Holiday

o   Tuesday, January 19 – 5:30pm Board Workshop; 6pm Regular Board Meeting

o   January 31 to February 1 – 2016 Legislative Conference

o   Monday, February 1 – 6pm Regular Board Meeting

o   Monday, February 15 – Regular Board Meeting  Moved to February 16 due to Holiday

o   Tuesday, February 16 – 6pm Regular Board Meeting

b.   February 9, 2016 – Bond Election



·         Director Stoffer brought to the Board’s attention an email he received from Dave Mattingley about a typo that was in the newspaper.

·         President Horan expressed her excitement about the new vision and new eyes that the board has with its new members. She thanked all the board members for their enthusiasm and commitment.



Director Stoffer moved to adjourn at 7:52pm. Vice-President Henrikson seconded. Vote taken; motion carried.






Last Modified on January 12, 2016
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