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Sequim School District

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“Inspire and Achieve


503 North Sequim Avenue, Sequim, WA 98382

Telephone: (360) 582-3260, FAX: (360) 683-6303, www.sequim.k12.wa.us185507



Preliminary Agenda Revised March 3, 2016 – All meetings in the District Board Room unless otherwise noted.

March 7, 2016 Regular Board Meeting

Ø 5:30pm Board Workshop – Plan of Action

Ø 6:30pm Regular Board Meeting


Agenda – Board Meeting


1.        CALL MEETING TO ORDER (ref. policy 1400)


3.        APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Request approval of the minutes from the February 16, 2016 Regular Board Meeting




   a.      Recognition of the four students went to Olympia to testify in support of HB 1941            


   6.      PUBLIC COMMENTS - This time is set aside for receiving both written and oral communication from those in attendance who wish to speak on any item. The board thanks you for your comments and will take into consideration what you have shared when making decisions regarding this topic.  (Ref. Policy 1430, 4220 and 4220P)




   8.     CONSENT AGENDA – REQUEST BOARD APPROVAL:  Any item may be moved to New Business with a motion from any Board member.

   a.     General Fund Vouchers No. 185495 thru No. 185495 in the total amount of $26.22; and No. 185496 thru No. 185506 in the total amount of $14,216.05; and No. 185507 thru No. 185528 in the total amount of $14,312.93; and No. 185529 thru No. 185601 in the total amount of $111,829.90.

   b.      ASB Fund Vouchers No. 10396 thru No. 10423 in the total amount of $33,206.49.

c.      Payroll for the month of February, 2016 in the amount of $2,045,513.33.  

e.     Personnel - Employment with the District will be conditional upon the district’s receipt of a criminal conviction history record that is clear of any convictions, adjudications, protective orders, final decisions, or criminal charges in accordance with Washington State law and conditional upon receipt of a sexual Misconduct Disclosure Form from prior Washington State employer(s), where employment was in a school setting, indicating that no sexual, verbal or physical misconduct materials were found in the records of such employer(s) pursuant to RCW 28A.400 and WAC 180-87-080.

      1.  Approve Leave of Absence Request from Stacey Hughes, Greywolf Elementary Math Specialist, for the 2016-2017 school year, as presented.

      2. Accept Letter of Resignation from John Cole, Sequim Middle School Math teacher, effective at the end of the 2015-2016 school year, as presented.

      3. Offer Classified Bus Aide position to Mike Martineau, for the 2015-2016 school year, effective February 17, 2016 as presented.

      4. Accept Letter of Resignation from Brittany Murdach, Sequim High School Head Girls Soccer Coach, effective immediately, as presented.

      5. Offer Spring 2016 Sports Coaching contracts to David Morris, Bill Schroepfer, Kevin Royall, Dave Ditlefsen, Nick Parks, Mike McFarlen, Tim Lusk, Gary Kettel, Bill Shea, Ken Garling, Dave Brasher, Mark Textor, Justine Wagner, Jon Fodge, William Shade, Elizabeth Skov, Brad Moore, Caleb Gentry, Jeff Stroh and Erik Wiker, as presented.

      6. Offer Classified Night Custodian position to Abraham Hernandez, for the 2015-2016 school year, effective February 29, 2016 as presented.

      7. Accept Letter of Resignation from Jennifer Lancheros, Greywolf Elementary Read Right Paraeducator, effective April 23, 2016 as presented.


9.         OLD BUSINESS

a.      For Second Reading and Adoption NEW Policy #6101 – Federal Cash and Financial Management. In partnership with OSPI, WSSDA has issued this new Policy and Procedure to comply with new requirements for federal grant recipients.  Classified Essential.  Brian Lewis, Executive Director of Business and Operations Services.

b.      For Second Reading and Adoption NEW Policy #6106 – Allowable Costs for Federal Programs.  WSSDA has issued this new Policy and Procedure in response to new federal regulations known as “Uniform Guidance.”  Classified Essential.  Brian Lewis, Executive Director of Business and Operations Services.

c.      At First Reading NEW Policy #2145 – Suicide Prevention. WSSDA has updated Policy/Procedure 2145, Suicide Prevention, in response to the new state law requiring districts to have a plan in place for recognizing, screening, referring and responding to students in emotional and behavioral distress.  Classified Priority.  Sonja Bittner, School Nurse



1.     Overnight and Out-of-State travel for two Sequim Middle School students to compete in the National SeaPerch Challenge with their underwater robot at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on May 20-21, 2016 as presented.  Caleb Gentry, Advisor

2.      Introduce Policy #3418 – Emergency Treatment.  The policy and procedure have been renamed “Student Injury and Illness” to address how districts are recommended to respond to any student injury or illness, not just those requiring emergency treatment.  The former policy and procedure seemed to emphasize the option of districts transporting injured or ill students to the hospital by various means, including in employee’s personal vehicles.  This is no longer recommended.  Also, there was language that administrators, even those without first aid certification, would make the determination whether 911 should be called. This is a medical determination that should be made by the school nurse (by phone if necessary) or at the very least, a staff person certified in first aid.  Finally, the current policy does not clearly require notification of parents/guardians for both emergency and non-emergency situations.  These changes would implement best practices into both the policy and procedure.  Classified Priority.  Sonja Bittner, School Nurse.

3.     Introduce Policy #3122 – Excused and Unexcused Absences.  Policy 3122, has been updated to include the legal requirement requiring district staff to meet with a student found dependent pursuant to Chapter 13.34, RCW to discuss truancy.  The meeting must include adults involved in the student’s welfare, including his/her caseworker, attorney, educational liaison, parents, guardians and/or the person providing them placement.  Classified Essential

4.       Request approval of the Calendar for the 2016-2017 school year, as presented.

11.       REPORTS

   a.      Brian Lewis, Business Manager, will give a Mid-Year Budget/Financial Review.

b.      Superintendent’s Report



a)        PDC Filing for Board members is open online.  Due April 15th

b)        Upcoming Board Meetings, etc.

o    Saturday, March 19 – 1pm to 3pm Board Workshop (open to the public)

o    March 21 – 5:30 pm Board Workshop / 6:30pm Regular Board meeting

o    April 4 – 5:30pm Board Workshop / 6:30pm Regular Board Meeting

o    April 18 – 5:30pm Board Workshop / 6:30pm Regular Board meeting

o    April 23 – WSSDA Regional Meeting in Port Townsend


c)         Classified Employees Appreciation Week March 14-18, 2016

d)        April 4-8 – Spring Break!  District Office OPEN

e)        The following procedures are provided for your information only:

1.   Procedure #2195P – Academic Acceleration

2.    Procedure #3422P – Concussion, Head Injury and Sudden Cardiac Arrest





Last Modified on March 4, 2016
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