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July 27, 2016

6:00pm Board Facilities Workshop – Held at the Sequim Transit Center, located at 190 West Cedar Street


Opening and Pledge of Allegiance

Vince-President Robin Henrikson opened the Board Facilities Workshop at 6:00pm in the Sequim Transit Center with all Board Members present.  Eagle Scout candidate Ian Thill led the Pledge of Allegiance.

PRESENT – A sign-in sheet was provided and those who wished to sign in are listed below:

Beverly Horan, President                                          John White, Citizen

Robin Henrikson, Vice-President                              Sheena Younger

Heather Short, Director                                             Candi Hayden

James Stoffer, Director                                              Rick Miller

Michael Howe, Director                                             Jerry Sinn

                                                                                   Brian Kuh, Helen Haller Elementary Parent

Gary Neal, Superintendent                                         Robert Streett, Sequim High School/OPA

Marilyn Walsh, Secretary                                            Carrol Hull

Representatives from CFW, LLC                                Genaveve Starr, Sequim City Council

                                                                                    Steve Gale

                                                                                    Jodi Minker, Citizens for Sequim Schools

                                                                                    Jim Peck

                                                                                    Trish Gaine

                                                                                    Susan Sorenson

                                                                                    Pam Bennett

                                                                                    Karla Richardson

                                                                                    Hope Stime

                                                                                    Jack Walsh

Superintendent Gary Neal gave an overview of the district needs and information received that shaped the proposed facilities plan.  Board discussion followed.

At 7:40pm Vice-President Henrikson called for a five minute break.

At 7:48pm Vice-President Henrikson called the Board Facilities Workshop back to order.   

Public Comments -- The Board believes that public comments are a very important connection between our community and the Board.  This time is set aside for receiving both written and oral communication.  We ask first that if you have comments, you come forward, introduce yourself and share your comments.  Each speaker will be allowed 5 minutes and a red card will be held up when 30 seconds remains.  (Ref.  Policy 1400, 1623, and 1620P).

  • Mr. Bob Forde mentioned a few different questions from the community survey that he disagreed with.
  • Ms. Trish Gaine urged the Board to consider technological upgrades essential in preparing our students for jobs and careers beyond high school.
  • Ms. Genaveve Starr urged the Board to be united and move forward with a bond proposal soon, but was concerned that League of Women Voters would not have room in their calendar to add a bond forum to the November election lineup.
  • Mr. Lew Norris agreed that the new proposal reflected what the community told the district following the failure of four previous bonds, and that this one needs to pass.
  • Mr. Greg Madson urged the Board to think creatively and outside the box about how to utilize fully what we already have.
  • Mr. Ian Thill, Sequim High School student, urged the board to take a risk and move forward, instead of in circles, and feels that good teachers are just as important as modern classrooms and would support efforts to help recruit quality teachers to Sequim.
  • Mr. Jerry Sinn would like to see the district explain the needs and how the upgrades will enhance student achievement and how the district plans to measure that and report back to the community.
  • Ms. Carrol Hull and her husband are both retired educators who moved to Sequim and were disappointed by the failure to reach the very high bar of 60% in previous elections, as well as the very low turnout, which has a minority in our community deciding the future of education in Sequim.
  • Ms. Susan Sorenson thanked the Board for their hard work and urged them to keep moving forward and get a proposal out there, either in November or February, as it is vitally important to our community, including in the recruitment of health care personnel.
  • Mr. Mark Ozias urged the Board to unite and actively promote this proposal, convincing the community that this is what is needed for our students.
  • Ms. Sheena Younger spoke to several different points that had been made during the evening and urged the Board to unite and keep moving forward to get this done.
  • Mr. Jim Peck felt that the current proposal reflected comments that were heard from the community.
  • Ms. Bertha Cooper urged the board to unite and favored presenting a bond proposal in February, when the political climate would be less contentious.
  • Ms. Candi Hayden is a parent of a high school student that will not benefit from improved facilities but urged the board to act so that her other students would benefit from enhanced opportunities.
  • Ms. Karla Richardson feels that if we call upon all the supporters to help get the word out that we will push past that 60% threshold.
  • Mr. Brandino Gibson urged the board to unite in their support for this bond
  • Mr. Brian Kuh, new president of Citizens for Sequim Schools, urged to board to put forth the proposal soon and that Citizens for Sequim Schools would be there to support them whichever date they chose.
  • Ms. Jodi Minker urged the board to listen to the advice from CFW as they have the data and experience to make educated recommendations.



Vice-President Robin Henrikson adjourned the Board Facilities Workshop at 9:00pm.

Last Modified on July 28, 2016
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