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Community Upload
There is no guarantee that we will use your photo, but we will not use it if we don't have it! It is fairly simple to submit a photo.
Step 1: Click on the banner above
Step 2: Click on the Community Upload photo on the web page (sample shown below):
Community Upload banner
Step 3: Enter SequimHighSchool for the access code - or just copy and paste it from here.
Access Code  
Upload Best Practices
When scanning photographs, it is best to ensure that your scanner is set to scan images at their original dimensions, in 24-bit color and with an output of 300 dpi or better.
When uploading images for use, please select the highest quality version available for each image. Uploading the preview or thumbnail version of an image will result in a substantial loss of quality.  
When taking digital photographs, it is generally best to use your camera's highest quality settings. This will take more space on your camera's memory card, but it will ensure a better quality when the image is printed.  
 Your photo MUST be a JPG, PNG, or TIF and use the best quality you can. File sizes cannot exceed 25MB but should be at least 0.5MB, or 500KB. Images that are smaller end up too small for the yearbook. If in doubt, send it anyway, because something is better than nothing.
Step 4: Click on the Upload photo button
Upload photo  
Step 5: It would help if you would categorize your photo with the drop down menu.
 Step 6: You will need to provide some information about the photo:
  1. Who is in the photo - list everyone that is there if you can
  2. What is the event or activity
  3. When did the photo get taken and who took it so we can give them credit
  4. Where did the photo get taken
  5. Why is this photo yearbook worthy
  6. Any thing else you think we need to know
You will also be required to give us your name and an e-mail address so we can contact you!  Thanks!!!
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